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July 25 2012


Win A Cruise 2012 - Win A Caribbean Cruise Free

It's amazing what can occur when you chase rabbit trails. One call can alter your daily life. It is exactly what happened in my experience.

Win a caribbean cruise
I was a new attorney in desperate need of a vacation, but I had no time to plan it. My vacation fund looked pretty anemic, too. As luck - or destiny - might say my firm's local travel agent called, looking forward to a great cruise deal.

Win a caribbean cruise
I heard the purchase price, looked at my calendar to ensure I could go and booked the cruise immediately. The cabins were neither the most effective nor the worst.

However i am a guy that's always trying to improve on an offer. Was there some free means of upgrading? Could I recieve discounted shore excursions or free drinks? No ideas came.

That's when it hit me...

I remembered going for a Caribbean cruise with my parents after i would be a kid. On that cruise I attended things i later learned was an enrichment lecture on a single from the sea days.

Putting my past cruise experience together with my current need to acquire more out of this cruise, I thought offering to do an enrichment lecture could be my ticket to getting an upgraded cabin or maybe another little goodie. I figured it wouldn't inflict problems for ask and to the rabbit hole I went.

My first call ended up being to my local travel agent, the individual that found the cruise deal. I explained my understanding of exchanging a cruise lecture to have an upgraded cabin.

She gave the idea a decidedly cool reception. Clearly, she'd have rather sold me the upgraded cabin instead. But she turned out to be a great sport and provided the name of the person on the cruise line who booked the lecturers.

I knew before I called he i need to be ready to quickly and concisely explain a few things i been on mind. Furthermore, i knew which i had better be prepared to speak over a number of different broad-appeal topics.

So before I picked up the device I made a list of my interests and areas of expertise (and we all have special areas of practice). I focused on topics in which I needed a higher level of comfort. When I'd finished there was over twenty items listed. I selected three of the items I regarded as more popular topics. Next, realizing that titles often sell books, I took the examples I came across around the non-fiction bestseller lists to formulate my lecture titles.

Equipped with my catchy titles, I known as the contact at the cruise line. I introduced myself and told her how excited I used to be to be taking a cruise. I gave her my cruise departure details. I then told her which i was considering trading an enrichment lecture in substitution for a better cabin.

There was an extended pause - after which a skeptical "Hmm."

Then as it turned out, she asked "what lectures do you want to do?"

Here was my shot. I took an in-depth breath and recited each of my lecture titles verbatim.

"We avoid upgrades," she said when i completed the list. She explained it had been just not company policy. I felt the wind leave my sails (pun intended)....

then she said....

"However, your online auctions lecture sounds interesting. If you would have an interest you can give your lecture in your upcoming cruise on sort of an audition basis." My heart full of hope. "If we love it," she proceeded, "you'll be accepted being an enrichment lecturer and you will get complimentary cruises."

Stunned silence...

Did I hear that right? Did I hear the term 'complimentary'? The question landed on my brain using a happy thud.

I asked her, "Did you say complimentary cruises?"

"Yes," she said, quickly adding that it would be my responsibility to provide transportation to and from any departure port.

"Jackpot!" I was thinking to myself quickly forgetting about my upgrade idea. "Free cruises are much better than upgrades!"

Obviously, I gave my audition lecture and it would be a huge success. My cruise ended on Sunday when I went back to work late the following morning there is a voicemail from my cruise contact waiting. Her message gushed with excitement.

She asserted my lecture was very well attended and received positive feedback from both attendees and also the cruise director's staff. She proceeded to tell me which i was approved like a lecturer and all sorts of I desired to accomplish once i wanted to cruise again was call her.

I saved the content after which paid attention to it again. I relished as soon as.

This is one way I got my start and the way it is possible to, too. Since that first cruise in 2002 We have taken between two to three cruises a year as a possible enrichment speaker and that i have had a total blast doing the work.

I explain to you this story for 3 reasons. First, I want you to understand which i know very well what I'm talking about. I am not a few guy who thinks these items works - It - because I have completed it and lots of my students have, too.

Second, I wanted to stipulate one way of getting approved to cruise free. I call this the audition cruise and i also wanted you to see just how I began out.

Third, In my opinion it is necessary that you should follow your inspirations, your rabbit trails. After all the term "inspiration" means divine spirit within. I wouldn't be covering this opportunity and seeking to assist you now had I not followed that inspiration during my panza back in 2002.

Each and every time I chase my rabbit trails something good happens from it. It may not function as expected or desired outcome - but invariably something good results. So as you commence your quest for approved status as a cruise ship speaker (or anything else you are inspired to do) become attuned for the gentle nudges you obtain within and follow them. Don't over analyze and think about the possible failure. Just act. An excellent world of opportunity and discovery will open up to you.

It is with this spirit you will get the most benefit using this (or any) book. Keep the mind open to the possibilities and, at all like me, your rabbit trails will turn to golden sails.
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